Weekend BBQ box

We’ve partnered with Bigfoot Smoke BBQ Rubs to create the box you need to step up your BBQ game – a bespoke set of rubs and your favourite Offset Beers.

5 x Bigfoot Smoke BBQ Rubs and 24x330ml bottle Offset Beers: £50.00

**Bigfoot Smoke will fulfil delivery of their products

House Rub- 80g
Created with the low and slow enthusiast in mind, Bigfoot Smoke’s House Blend is our all purpose rub carefully blended to suit the whole family. Whether you’re just perfecting your ribs or going the whole hog, our house blend is perfectly balanced to enhance your backyard cooking. No flavour enhancers or additives, just good old fashioned authentic flavour.  

Cajun Seasoning- 80g
Inspired by the flavours of Louisiana, the home of Cajun cooking and the birthplace of the Jambalaya, Bigfoot Smoke celebrated the south with a blend of spices and herbs perfect for spicing up your fish, meat and vegetables.

Newspaper Rub- 80g
Newspaper Rub is for the fans of the central Texas style but like their barbecue with some extra heat. Whether you’re grilling a steak or staying up all night with a brisket, this rub will bring out the best in your beef. 

Espresso Rub- 80g
Bigfoot Smoke’s Espresso Rub combines the earthly aromas of freshly ground espresso beans with the sweet and smoky flavour of classic barbecue. A versatile rub perfect for beef, pork and turkey.

Fry Dust- 80g
Our most recent addition to the Bigfoot Smoke family, add a touch of spice and flavour to your fries, chips and wedges with Bigfoot Smoke’s Fry Dust.

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